To Øl Gose To Hollywood

Taani / Gose

Our dazzling Gose with oranges, Gose To
Hollywood has now been brewed in our
beloved To Øl City. Salty, sour, light gose
brewed with the best fruits California can
offer. Best consumed on warm summer
days or on the red carpet.

3.8% abv / 0.33 l can / 9,09 € / L

Läbi müüdud

To Øl House of Pale

Taani / Pale Ale

Light, crisp and beautifully fresh. This is
our favourite core-range IPA, prototyped at
To Øl CPH, perfected at Svinninge

5.5% abv / 0.33 l can / 8,64 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3,80 €

To Øl CITY Session IPA

Taani / Session IPA

A crisp and sessionable New England style
thirst quencher for the hop-heads. Named
after the dream of our To Øl City.

4.5% abv / 0.44 l can / 9,09 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,80 €

To Øl Whirl Domination

Taani / India Pale Ale

Whirl Domination is the first IPA to be
brewed in our shiny new brewhouse in
Svinninge, so naturally, we were curious
as to what our new baby could do! We
pushed the hops to the limit, packing in as
much aroma as possible to this fresh AF

6.2% abv / 0.33 l can / 12,12  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4 €

To Øl Garden of Eden

Taani / Fruit IPA

Adam and Eve were putting fruits in their
IPA to compliment the fruity mosaic hops.
Apricot, Guave, Mango, Passionfruit and
Papaya made for a great IPA. Boasting
with fruit flavours, this makes an intense
IPA, boasting more fruit aromas that you
never will come across in

6.4% abv / 0.33 l can / 10,61  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,45 €

To Øl Sur Citra 2.0

Taani / Sour Pale Ale

Sur Citra is a single hop sour mash pale
ale, bringing the aromatic citrus notes to
the forefront of this beer with a tart, bright
base. This is the first version out of the
new brewhouse in To Øl City!

5.5% abv / 0.4 l can / 8,86  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,80 €

To Øl #06 DIPA

Taani / Double IPA

One juicy monster brewed with all Crosby
Hops. We kept the malt bill simple on this
one, to give all the light to one of our new
favorite hops - Zappa! Another Neo-
Mexicana hop (from the same family as
Sabro, Talus, and HBC 472), Expect
tropical aromas, with notes of passionfruit,
mint, tropical ripe fruits, and Fruity Pebbles
- all swirled up and balanced out with some
citrusy notes from Amarillo & Idaho 7.

9% abv / 0.44 l can / 10,91  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi5,80 €

To Øl Quadzilla II

Taani / Quadruple IPA

A quadruple IPA - loaded with more
alcohol and more hops than is good This
one has Citra, Sabro, and Mosaic. Tastes
like a deliciously boozy glass of orange

13% abv / 0.44 l can / 13,64  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi7,20 €

To Øl Omnipresent

Taani / Mixed Fermentation Ale w/ Cherries

Mixed Fermentation Ale with Stævnsbær
Cherries. A blend of mixed fermentation
ales from foeders and wine barrels.
Refermented on top of freshly harvested
Danish cherries produced locally.

7.4% abv / 0.375 l bottle / 26,67  € / L

Lisa ostukorvi12 €

To Øl Symbiotic Momentum

Taani / Mixed Fermentation Biere de Miel

This is the first collab beer from To Øl
Natur, brewed with our friends at The
Barrel Project (UK). We brewed this at our
brewpub BRUS and drove the wort out to
To Øl City for aging and blending. The
honey used for bottle conditioning in this
beer is very special and rare. It is called
"Honeydew" or "Forest Honey". Any given
hive can sometimes contain one frame of
this dark-colored honey. It is made when
bees take nectar from the butts of aphids
who in turn are boring into a tree and
eating the sap. The aphids turn the tree
sap into nectar, the bees then turn the
nectar into honey. Amazingly, this honey
contains less glucose and instead has
maltose, which is the sugar contained in
the malt to make beer.

5.5% abv / 0.75 l bottle / 20 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi18 €

To Øl Reparationsbajer

Taani / Gluten-Free Pale Ale

Gluteenivaba American Pale Ale, mis taani keeles tähendab "Taastumisõlu"

5,8% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 10,91 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi2,40 €

To Øl Liquid Confidence

Norra / Imperial Stout with Chillies

See on õlu kuubis. Ancho, Guajillo ja Chipotle tšilliga pruulitud õlles on kõike, mis To Øl'i pruulijatele meeldib ning nad on teinud endast kõik, et ka Sulle se e meeldiks. Mõnus täidlane maitse, suitsune profiil (mis tuleneb Chipotlest!) ning puhas vedel enesekindlus.

12.2% abv / 375ml pudel / 22,66 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi8,50 €

To Øl Black Malts and Body Salts

Taani / Imperial Black IPA

Parim tasakaal humalate, kohvi, linnaste ja röstlinnaste vahel. Sisaldab prantsuse presskannukohvi. Ratebeer 100/100.

9.9% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 15,16 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi5 €

To Øl Free Frontier

Taani / Gluten-Free IPA

To Øl’i tunnustatud First Frontieri sugulane, gluteenivaba ning 2,5-kordselt kuivhumaldatud kuiv ja mõru IPA.

6,5% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 10,91 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3,36 €

To Øl 8 Malts

Taani / Porter

Kaheksa erineva linnasega pruulitud ideaalne porter (Pale Malt, Smoked Malt, Flaked Malt, Melanoidin Malt, Cara Crystal, Cara Aroma, Carafa I & Carafa II)

8% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 12,36 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,08 €

To Øl 1 Ton of... Blueberries

Taani / Fruited Sour

Mustikas pudelis. Kasutatud on 1 tonn mustikaid hektoliitri joogi kohta.

8.5% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 15,13 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,99 €

To Øl 1 Ton of... Pineapple

Taani / Fruited Sour

Selle hapu ale puhul on pruulitud 1000 kilo ananasse. See on nagu ananassimahl, kes on maskeerunud häguseks IPAks..

7.1% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 16,65 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3,60 €

To Øl Velvets are Blue

Taani / Farmhouse Saison

Kergelt hapukas Belgia Saison, mis on pruulitud Nelson Sauvini ja Hallertau Blanc humalatega. Kergete pirni ja viinamarja nootidega õlu, millele on lisatud ka mustikaid.

5.5% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 13,6 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,49 €

To Øl Let Mælk

Taani / Session Milk Stout

Uskumatult kerge, vaid 4,1% alkoholisisaldusega Milk Stout, mis valmistab joojale kindlasti kerge üllatuse.

4.1% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 11,85 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi3,91 €

To ØFormørkelse

Taani / Imperial Oatmeal Stout

"Hägune" stout. 40% nisu, kaerahelbeid, rukist ja tatart on pruulitud üheks neljaviljapudru laadseks magustoiduks.

10% abv / 0.33 l bottle / 15,13 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi4,80 €

To Øl My Friend Peat

Taani / Wee Heavy

Suitsune šoti Wee Heavy, milles on kasutatud kaerahelbeid, pruuni suhkrut.

8% abv / 0.375 l bottle / 18,66 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi6 €

To Øl Goliat Imperial Coffee Stout

Taani / Imperial Stout

Külluslik keiserlik stout, pruulitud kohvi ning suhkrurooga.

10% abv / 0.375 l bottle / 18,66 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi7 €

To Øl Blåbær Mælk Shake

Taani / Imperial Stout

Külluslik mustikatega pruulitud keiserlik milkstout.

12.3% abv / 0.375 l bottle / 24,25 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi8 €

To Øl Same Procedure as Last Year

Taani / Farmhouse Saison

Nisu ja greibimahlaga pruulitud õlu, mille kääritamisel on kasutatud šampanjapärmi ja To Øl'i enda arendatud pärmi Instant Crush Brett. Puuviljane ja rohkete mullidega õlu.

8% abv / 0.75 l bottle / 13,33 € / L

Lisa ostukorvi9,60 €